ICT GCSE - List Of Topics To Revise

ICT GCSE - List Of Topics To Revise

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ICT Revision Topics ­ Board ICT GCSE
Paper 1
5.1 Computer Systems, Communications Technology & Information
Hardware components of a System (definitions & Examples)
Software components of a System (definitions & Examples)
Laptops / notebooks / palm tops & other portable devices.
Desk Top Computers
For the above you need to be able to define & give examples of each.
Describe the differences between H/Ware & S/ware
Identify the main components of a computer eg CPU, Main / Internal Memory, Input
Devices, Output Devices & Secondary backing storage.
Input / Output Devices
Input devices Identification & use
Output devices Identification & Use
Advs & Disadv of diff types of input / output device.
Storage Devices & Media
Backing / secondary storage devices
Adv & Disadv's of diff types of backing storage
Importance of Backups
Diff between main / Internal memory
Modems & Digital Telephone Lines
Analogue to Digital conversion & vice versa
Advs & Disadvs of using computer networks
User Id's & Passwords
Communication media
Data Types & Terminology
Types of Data: alphanumeric, numeric (real number & Integer) Date, Logical/
Definition of file, record, field & key field
Information Management & Effects of ICT (incl Legal aspects)
Software Copyright
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