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ICT Revision Topics ­ Board ICT GCSE

Paper 1

5.1 Computer Systems, Communications Technology & Information

Hardware components of a System (definitions & Examples)
Software components of a System (definitions & Examples)
Laptops / notebooks / palm tops & other portable devices.
Desk Top Computers
For the above…

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Social effects of ICT

Paper 3

5.3 ICT Applications, Systems, Networks & Computer Technology
Typical examples to be familiar with:
Electronic Communications Internet, email, fax, electronic conferencing, mobile

Process Control Robotics in manufacturing, Production line control
Billing Electricity, Gas, Mail Order etc
Crime Electronic Fraud, police systems,…

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Backups vs Archiving of Data
Verification & Validation methods
Batch Processing , online & Real time processing
Systems Life Cycle
Control Feedback Loop
Info systems investigation methods
Form Design
File Design
Output design
System implementation strategies
Information Knowledge Based Systems & expert systems
Mail merging

Methods of Communication


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