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April 2010…read more

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Eyjafjallajökull Fact File
Height: 5466 ft
Location: North of Skogar, Iceland
Type: Dormant
Type of Volcano: Fissure
North Atlantic and Eurasion
Plate: plate (constructive)
Type of Lava: Basaltic and Andesitic Lava…read more

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2010 Eruptions
· Erupted on 14th April 2010
· The volcano released an ash cloud and rose to
heights of 9km
· Around 500 farmers and their families got
evacuated from surrounding areas…read more

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Effect on the Environment
· Ash fell on surrounding areas
· Farming, harvesting and grazing have became
increasingly difficult as its wet and compact due
to the ash.
· 0.15million tonnes of CO2 was released each day
· The Krossor glacial river increased in water level
and water temperature due to the eruption
affecting the drainage basin…read more

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Effect on the Economy
· Many airlines all across Europe and Canada were
grounded due to the volcanic ash
· This caused £130million to be lost each day
· European economies were affected as they couldn't
import or export things e.g. Fedex
· African economies couldn't transport flowers etc so
Kenyan farmers were temporarily laid off
· They lost 3.8million each day
· Airline disclosure stopped on 23rd April
· 95,000 flights cancelled Areas affected on
18th April, Red
being completely
closed and orange Ash cloud on 15th
being partially April…read more

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Affects on the People
· Farmers were evacuated from around the
surrounding areas
· Many people were stranded and had to spend
money to find alternative ways to travel back
home…read more


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