Eyjafjallajokull Case Study

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Eyjafjallajokull, 15th April 2010
Background Information:
Constructive plate boundary: Eurasian and North American Plate
Dry weather and high pressure contributed to heightened consequences
Water cooled the lava quickly creating massive gas streams and clouds rising 30,000ft
A fissure 1 and a half miles long opened up
150m thick ice cap melted created major flooding in Iceland
Numerous infrastructure was destroyed ­ inc. Route 1 Road
A thick ash cloud was produced giving many respiratory problems
Ash damaged homes
20 farms were destroyed
There were 0 reported deaths
Airspace across Europe was closed
17,000 flights per day were cancelled
Cost over $200million per day
Stock market shares in air travel and tourism fell by 4%
There was an increased use of other transport links
There were talks of the eruption triggering Katla Volcano to erupt
Many rivers silted up, damaging the ecosystem
20 farming families were evacuated
Roads were bulldozed in order to direct
floods into the sea
People were texted with a 30 minute
warning of the eruption
Monitoring of the volcano prevented many
possible deaths
Large evacuations of 800 people took
place from flooding


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