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Hydrogen fuel cells…read more

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Fuel cells
The principle was discovered in 1838 by
Christian Schönbein
He hypothesised that since electrolysis split
water using electricity, the reverse process
would produce electricity as well as water
In 1842 William Grove developed the first
fuel cell, called a gas voltaic battery…read more

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How a fuel cell works…read more

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Fuel cells
This is a fuel cell in its simplest form,
The electrolyte
The fuel (usually hydrogen)
The anode catalyst, which breaks down the fuel into
electrons and ions
The cathode catalyst, which turns the ions into
waste chemicals…read more

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Fuel cells
There are various types of fuel cells,
essentially differing in the electrolyte
used, including
Polymer exchange membrane (PEMFC)
Solid oxide (SOFC)
Alkaline (AFC)
Molten-carbonate (MCFC)
and many more.…read more

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Polymer Exchange
Membrane…read more

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