Hydrogen Fuel Cells

OCR hydrogen as fuel 

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Development of fuel cell:

  • Need to look for an alterative to finite oil-based fuels in cars.
  • Hydrogen rich fuels are mixed with water (steam usually) and converted into Hydrogen.
  • CH3OH+H2O-->3H2+CO2.
  • This Hydrogen can be used in fuel cells.
  • H2 + 1/2 O2--> H20 (The reaction that takes place in a fuel cell)
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Advantages of Fuel cells:

  • Less pollution and CO2
  • Greater efficiency (Petrol is 20%, Hydrogen fuel cell is 40-60%)

Hydrogen fuel cell vs Methanol fuel cell:

  • A liquid fuel (methanol) is easier to store
  • Methanol can be generated from biomass
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Storage of hydrogen:

  • Hydrogen is a gas so very diffucult to store

Some storage techniques include:

  • Storing as a liquid under high pressure
  • Adsorbing onto the surface of a solid material
  • Absorbing within some materials
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Limitations of hydrogen fuel cells:

  • Large scale strorage and transport is difficult
  • Storing pressurised liquids is difficult
  • They have a limited life time
  • Use toxic chemicals in its production
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