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Application of redox equilibria

Please Note: These notes are very heavily based on the Edexcel specification and so are probably best for
revision where the user already understands the topic.

oxidation number - the charge an atom would have if the molecule it is in were composed of ions.…

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Ecell = -Eleft half-cell +Eright half-cell

where E is the standard electrode potential

The left half-cell is the one being oxidised, the right one is the one being reduced.
The standard electrode potential of a whole cell is proportional to both lnK and the total entropy


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VO3+ + 2H+ <---> VO2+ + 2H2O

Since both vanadium species have +5 oxidation number, this is NOT redox.

This solution can be reduced to different species by different reducing agents:
equation E
VO2+ + 2H+ + e- <--> VO2+ +H2O +1.00
VO2+ + 2H+ + e- <--> V3+ +…

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Fuel Cells
The internal combustion engine is very inefficient at converting fuel to kinetic energy and also produced
greenhouse gases, therefore fuel cells are better because of the greater conversion of energy.
Hydrogen fuel cells:
Simplest cell, used in space exploration
H2 is fuel.
O2 is the oxidant.
KOH(aq) is…


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