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Hurricane Katrina
Where? New Orleans, USA

When? Formed: August 23rd, 2005

Hit New Orleans on the 29th August 2005 at 6.10am

About the hurricane: Wind speeds had reached 170m

Primary Impacts: 1, 836 people died.

300,000 houses were destroyed

3 million people were without electricity

A main bridge collapsed


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705 people were missing

Insurance companies refuse to those living near the coast

Widespread looting, murder and rape to fight for the limited supplies

Telecommunications failed

Oil prices rise around the world

Water diseases (Cholera) spread easily

The dead could not be buried

Football team had to find a new…

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Vulnerability: New Orleans has very low elevation in relation to sea level.

Lack of nature defence against storm surges. E.g. wetlands and barrier islands.

When New Orleans was being constructed they ran out of usable land to
construct on. To make more room, engineers drained swamplands around the
area so…


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