Case Study 2

Case Study 2

Hurricane Katrina 2005

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Social Impacts

-1,836 people lost their lives

-As a result of devastation many people are homeless 

-Millions of people had to leave their homes to seak shelter away from hurricane

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Environmental Impacts

-Secondary impacts = Missisipi river channeled its own river water through the city limits, as New Orleans is below sea level

-20% of local marsh land destroyed, this land was breading grounds for brown pelicans, turtles and fish

-Damage from Katrina transformed natural areas. Breton national wildlife refuge lost half of its area to the storm

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Economic Impacts

-Economy of the region was devastated, all buisnesses have been damages either by: physical resources, emplyees or finnancial problems as many insurance companies do not pay for hurricane damage

-Storm responsible for $81.2 billion damage

-Katrina Damaged 30 oil platforms 

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