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Weather hazards: a case study on Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina occurred in late august 2005 in the south eastern part of the USA.
Hurricane Katrina formed as a tropical depression over the south-eastern Bahamas in august 23
2005 due to the remains of a tropical depression and tropical wave. The…

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Diagram of a hurricane

Satellite image of hurricane Katrina

Other than the knowledge of general hurricane occurrence there are no atmospheric conditions that can
be measured and combined to predict where a hurricane can develop so the path can only be
forecasted when it has formed. A network of instruments,…

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creating low pressure below. Satellite images are important for forecasters as by putting several hours
of satellite pictures into motion, they gather information on the track and development of the hurricane.
The Doppler radar can detect rain associated with tropical hurricanes. It covers rain within a 200250
mile distance from…


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