Hurricane Katrina Case Study

Detailed case study with information about Hurricane Katrina and the impacts it had.

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MEDC: Local:
Hurricane Katrina
Formed: August 23rd, 2005 (2005 Hurricane Season)
Dissipated: August 30th, 2005
Highest Winds: 175mph
Fatalities: 1, 836
Damage: $300billion (MetOffice)
Areas Affected: Bahamas, South Florida, Cuba, Louisiana,
Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Panhandle.
Flooded levee system in New Orleans, Louisiana;
80% of New Orleans was flooded. Much of this
flooding was caused by failures in the city's
Formed as a tropical depression, then to a tropical
storm, then to a hurricane.
Category 5 hurricane.
Lost hurricane strength later in the storm, more
than 150miles inland.
Round the clock rescue efforts from air crews.
3 million people left without electricity.
High-rise buildings with much damage to windows.
Gulf Coast
Eleven counties and eleven cities issues evacuation orders.
Public transport shut down.
80% of 1.3 million people evacuated.
Greater New Orleans
Louisiana Superdrome sheltered 26, 000 people.
Streets and bridges washed away

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First hit land in South Florida and Cuba as category one storm; 80mph winds; rainfall exceeded
14inches; storm surges of 3-5 feet.
Then hit Louisiana four days later; 125mph winds; category three storm; storm surges exceeding 14
Economic Effects
Katrina damaged or destroyed 30 oil platforms
Forest industry affected as 1.3million acres of forest lands destroyed; losses of upto $5billion.
Huge amounts of local residents left unemployed > fewer taxes paid to local government.…read more

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Federal Emergency Management Agency - logistical supply deployments, mortuary team with
refrigerated trucks, housing assistance,
Coast Guard rescued more than 33, 000 stranded people.
Military presence.
Congress authorised $63billion for aid.
Countries offering money include: Cuba, Venezuela, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, South Korea,
Australia and China.
India sent tarps, blankets and hygiene kits.
NGO responses
Red Cross, Oxfam, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity etc.
Corporate donations near $1billion.…read more

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Number of housing units damaged, destroyed, or inaccessible because of Katrina: 850,791
Percentage of New Orleans' pre-Katrina residents who have returned to the city:
approximately 45
Depth of water covering parts of New Orleans: 20 feet
Square miles of coastal wetlands that were converted to open water after Hurricanes Katrina
and Rita: 118
In terms of energy, number of atomic bombs it would take to equal Hurricane Katrina's power:
Gallons of water the New Orleans water system loses each day due to breaks caused…read more


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