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What are hurricanes?
Hurricanes are violent storms which usually measure 200700km in diameter. Hurricane force winds
are described at 12 or more on the Beaufort scale. They are measured on the SaffirSimpson scale
which is 5 levels based on wind speed, central pressure, storm surge, wind…

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First developed on 23 Aug over the SE Bahamas. Here, it was upgraded to a hurricane and
given its name.
26 Aug. Advanced warning up and running
27 Aug. bush declared a state of emergency
28 Aug ­ upgraded to category 4 and mayor of New Orleans ordered evacuation

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1242 killed
Few died in the aftermath because the USA has good access to water, food and medical

Government aid was rapidly assigned ­ 10.5 billion in the first week of September
7 Sep $51.8 allocated from federal funds
Public donated $1.8 billion
Red Cross, Oxfam, Salvation Army,…


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