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First developed on 23 Aug over the SE Bahamas. Here, it was upgraded to a hurricane and
given its name.
26 Aug. Advanced warning up and running
27 Aug. bush declared a state of emergency
28 Aug ­ upgraded to category 4 and mayor of New Orleans ordered evacuation
Most of the population managed to leave but some 150,000 stayed (mostly by choice)
It continued to intensify and became cat.…read more

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Few died in the aftermath because the USA has good access to water, food and medical
Government aid was rapidly assigned ­ 10.5 billion in the first week of September
7 Sep $51.8 allocated from federal funds
Public donated $1.8 billion
Red Cross, Oxfam, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity etc.
Corporate donations of almost $1 billion.
Coast Guard rescued more than 33, 000 stranded people.
Military presence
Track of the storm.…read more


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