How did the Nazis deal with Churches?

A concise presentation which looks at why the church and Nazi party supported each other.

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How did the Nazis
deal with Churches?…read more

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Why would the churches
support the Nazis?
· Because they feared for their
· Because they believed the
· Because they wanted to repel
Jews…read more

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Why would the Nazis
want support form the
· To create more support for the
· To control religious followers
· To indoctrinate people using
religious teachings…read more

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Hitler wanted all religious
teachings tailored to the Nazi way
of thinking
· He saw churches as a threat and
wanted to destroy them ­ but
instead he decided to use them
· In June 1933 , Hitler signed the
Concordat - an agreement saying
that he would allow the Catholics
to continue to run, as long as they
didn't interfere with the Nazis
· Pope Pius XII was Pope at the time,…read more


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