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How did the Nazis control Germany? 

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How did the Nazis control Germany?
Nazi tactics in 1933:
Following the Reichstag Fire, Hitler persuaded President Hindenburg to pass an Emergency Powers Decree.
This gave Hitler several powers which he used to deal with his opponents.
Searches ­ suspected opponents had their houses ransacked
Arrests ­ opposition politicians were arrested
Prisons & concentration camps ­ to imprison political opponents
Execution ­ of Communist leaders and other opponents
Trade unions ­ were closed down
These tactics gave the Nazis their best ever election result in November 1934. But they still did
not win control of the Reichstag.
The Enabling Act (March 1933):
What happened?
After the November 1934 election, the Nazis still did not have control of the Reichstag
The Nazis intimidated the Reichstag into voting for an `Enabling Law' which would give Hitler the
power to make law without the Reichstag's approval
In order to get the Reichstag to vote for the `Enabling Law', the Nazis banned Communist s from
the Reichstag and threatened the other parties into voting for it.
How did it strengthen Hitler's control of Germany?
The Enabling Act gave Hitler the power to make laws by himself without consulting the Reichstag.
It strengthened his position as dictator
Night of the Long Knives (June 1934):
Why did it happen?
The German army was not loyal to Hitler. They saw his SA (stormtroopers) as thugs.
Hitler feared that Ernst Rohm, head of the SA, was plotting to seize power for himself.
Now he was dictator, Hitler needed to make a choice between keeping the SA as his military force
or relying on the army instead.
What happened?
The SS (with help from the army) arrested and murdered the leadership of the SA.
How did it strengthen Hitler's control of Germany?
· It wiped out any possibility of Ernst Rohm and the SA seizing powerBy choosing the army over the SA,
Hitler won the loyalty of the army. The army generals now supported him and the soldiers swore an oath of
loyalty to him.

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Nazi propaganda:
Goebbels organised Nazi propaganda to strengthen control over the German people. He used:
Cheap radios produced so more Germans could listen to Nazi ideas
Newspapers were censored or banned if they were non-Nazi
Loudspeakers were placed in public areas to spread Nazi messages
Books and art which went against Nazi ideas were destroyed
Films were produced to spread the Nazis' values, including hatred of the Jews
The SS:
The SS, led by Himmler, became the most powerful organisation in Nazi Germany.…read more


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