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Research and create a timeline of Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael. How important was the
NOI in developing a "Black Consciousness"?

Malcolm X Timeline
May 19, 1925 - Born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska
1940 - Drops out of school at age 15
1946 - Convicted of burglary and sent…

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How significant was the Vietnam war and the draft in politicising Northern Blacks?

Vietnam was America's first conflict which was racially integrated; despite black soldiers fighting in all
of America's previous military encounters. One million black people had served In the Second World
War, and, after returning victorious, the soon…

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A survey produced by Time Magazine illustrated the influence of Black Power; and the growing racial
problems and conflicts in Vietnam and at home. Personal interviews were conducted with 400 black
enlisted men "from Con Thiem to the Delta" providing a measure of the attitude of black men in

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Examine and critically evaluate the Black Panther movement with specific reference to the
events of the 1968 Olympics.

The Black Power movement came as a reaction to the supposedly slow progress of Martin Luther
King's peaceful civil rights campaign, and was based around a number of loosely defined principles:


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It inspired other minority groups to follow the black example (eg Native Americans,
Chicanos, who developed 'Red Power' and 'Brown Power')


Black power brought division to the movement
By accepting violence, campaigners undermined King's policy of maintaining the moral high
ground, and lost much of the white sympathy he…


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