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How accurate is it to say that persecution was most intense in areas where influential people
were able to promote action against witches?
Between the years 1580-1650 the persecution of witches was quite intense. Witches had become a
more apparent part of society due to the greater mention of it…

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illegal methods against witches intensified the persecution of witches. Likewise England also had
strong government control with parliament and the monarchs, including Elizabeth I and James I,
having a lot of control over England. Be that as it may unlike Scotland the number of witch
persecutions were much less than…

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persecutions. The English civil war between 1639-1651 was the main factor leading to the more
intense persecution for a number of reasons. Predominantly the civil war meant the Assize court
could not travel around England to hear witch trials, which left the trials in the hands of locals, such as…


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