History (OCR) - Medicine Through Time - Revision Quiz

Here is a revision quiz to make sure you know everything for the Medicine Through Time Section on Paper 1 of OCR GCSE History.

I will be uploading a Germany one soon too

use the revision cards to help check your answers!

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Test Yo' 12. Name Hippocrates' FIVE medical improvements

13. Name one feature of Greek life which helped
1. Name two health problems of prehistoric people. Hippocrates' improvements

2. Explain what prehistoric people thought the cause 14. Name the four humours and the seasons they were
of disease was. linked…

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33. Describe the difference between pneumonic and
bubonic plague.
23. Describe three medical developments made by
Galen which were not borrowed from the Greeks

34. Describe three public health dangers in medieval
24. Explain why Galen made some mistakes in his work
on the human body.

35. Explain two…

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43. Name two improvements made by Vesalius. 54. Name one factor which caused Nightingale's

44. Name two factors that helped Vesalius. 55. Name two improvements made by i) Pasteur ii)

45. Name two improvements made by Pare.
56. Explain one factor which helped i) Pasteur ii) Koch


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65. Name one reason why Simpson's work was 76. Name all seven factors which changed people's
opposed. attitudes towards cleaning the towns in the 19th

66. How did Lister's method work?

77. Describe what Chadwick's Sanitary Report said.

67. Name two factors which helped Lister make his



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