Higher Physics - Unit 3 - LASER

I created my own revision notes for all units of the Higher Physics course.

These are revision notes for part of the 3rd unit (Radiation and Matter), section 3 (Optoelectronics and Semi-conductors). I've uploaded all the subsections of this section in different files as they are otherwise too large.

LASER covers:
• Spontaneous emission
• Stimulated emission
• LASER meaning
• LASER light
• How a LASER works

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Electrons can often be raised from their ground state to an excited state; when they return to their ground state they emit
photons of a particular frequency in the process.


If an electron is in an excited state and the energy of the stimulating photon matches…

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Parallel - due to mirrors (only light striking the mirrors at 90 can be reflected and amplified)

Two parallel mirrors which reflect the photons up and down the `tube'
Each photon goes onto stimulate the emission of more photons
The light escapes because one of the mirrors is only partially…


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