Electric field

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Charge is a fundamental property of matter. The magnitude of the charge carried by one electron or one proton is known as the fundamental unit of charge e. Experiments have shown that there are only two types of charge called 'positive' and 'negative' charge.An object can be charged by adding negatively-charged particles such as electrons to it, in which case it becomes negatively charged, or by removing electrons from it, making it positively charged.

when an object attracts another object, it exerts a force on the object due to charge of electricity. charges exert attractive or repulsive (repelling) forces on each other.An electric field is the region around a charged object where the charge exerts a force on other charges. The gravitational field strength g is a measure of the gravitational force of attraction on a mass. It is measured in newtons per kilogram. Near the Earth's surface g has the approximate value 10 N kg-1. It decreases as the distance from the Earth's surface increases. In a similar way, electric field strength is a measure of the electrical force on a charge. The units of electric field strength are newtons per coulomb (N C-1) which is equivalent to,the volt per metre (V m -1).

A conductor is a material through which electric charge can flow, because there are free electric charges in a conductor. If an electric field is applied to a conductor, the charges experience a force, and


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