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Physics P1…read more

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Thermal physics p1A
Heat: is the measurement of the total energy
content of all the particles in a body. The units
are joules. It always flows from a hotter object to
a cooler one
Temperature: is the measure of the degree of
hotness of a body on a particular scale. Some
examples of scales are: Celsius, Fahrenheit and
The important thing about temperature is that it
is the only the object that determines which
direction heat flows in.…read more

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An object can have a high temperature yet only store a
small amount of heat because of its small size. The
opposite is also true e.g. bath warm water stores a lot of
heat but isn't especially hot.
This is because of a low Specific Heat capacity(SHC)
SHC is the amount of energy needed to raise one kg by
1 degree
The units are j/kg/C
The three factors affecting SHC are the
Size of temperature change…read more

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Latent heat
It takes energy to melt ice and boil water. Moreover
while ice is melting/ water boiling temperature
remains constant. This is because energy is required
to break bonds between water molecules to make
steam, the energy does this not heating up the
The name used to describe the energy needed to
melt or boil a substance is latent heat. The energy
need to melt/ boil 1 kg of a substance is called
specific latent heat with the L symbol.
The equation
Energy needed E= mass kg X SLH
Latent heat E= ML…read more

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Latent Heat 2
It Is known as the amount of energy needed
to boil/melt 1kg of a material
It is measured in J/Kg
It is different for the melting and boiling
points of a material
Different for all materials…read more

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P1B and P1C
Reducing the energy lost from a house saves
money shown in the equation
Payback time= Cost/saving
Efficency of a system shows how well a
system works
Efficency= useful output/total imput…read more

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