Poor health

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  • Smoking is linked to over 50 medical conditions 
  • Lung cancer, long-term breathing difficulties 
  • Addictive qualities make it difficult to return to a healthy lifestyle
  • 90% of lung cancer cases 
  • 13,500 die each year, 32,500 go to hospital because of smoking-related problems
  • 17% of women, 22% of men smoke 
  • 36% of men in routine and manual jobs smoke, 20% of men in professional and managerial jobs smoke 
  • Costs the NHS over £400 million 
  • Action by the government - banned display of cigarette boxes, raised age from 16-18, banned cigarette vending machines 


  • Consumption in large quantities can cause a greater chance of harm to health 
  • Liver disease and 7 types of cancer 
  • 11 people die per day due to liver disease 
  • 4% of all cancer cases are alcohol related 
  • 9% of men, 4% of women are dependent on alcohol 
  • Consumed more in higher social classes, however it is a bigger problem in DE social class as it could lead to crime because of the area.
  • Action by the government - banned happy hour in pubs, more information made available about dangers of drinking while pregnant, M.A.P introduced by SNP to increase price of alcohol per unit. 


  • 1/42 are cocaine users in Scotland
  • 1/50 are heroin users in Scotland, 56,000 people 
  • 'Recreational drugs' like cocaine and ecstasy can cause extreme dehydration, heart attacks, 
  • Harder drugs like heroin


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