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What is
Chlamydia is a
bacterial infection
Unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex
Sharing toys that aren't washed
Your genitals coming into contact with your partners
Infected semen or vaginal fluid getting into your eye

Burning sensation during urination
Discharge from the penis or vagina (Yellow…

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Social ­ May become withdrawn from friends, and may isolate themselves, no sexual contact or
intimate contact until clear
Financial ­ People may have to buy such as medication or vaccinations

Impacts on Family

Physical constant support through taking their course of medication.

Intellectual Might not be able to concentrate…

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Symptoms Male:

An unusual discharge from the tip of the penis which may be white, yellow or green
Pain or a burning sensation when urinating
Inflammation of the foreskin
Pain or tenderness in the testicles (Rare)
Pain during sex

Medication ­ Antibiotic injection or tablet or both
Psychological ­…

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Impacts on Family

Physical There wouldn't be many physical impacts, they would be there for constant support
through taking their course of medication.

Intellectual Might not be able to concentrate at work or doing daily jobs

Emotional upset and sympathy for their family member.

Social Might take part in fundraising…

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What is Herpes?
It is a sexually transmitted disease which appears in various parts of the body
Two types (HSV1 and HSV2)
Kissing, Touching persons skin and sharing objects (HSV1)
Sexual Intercourse, and performing oral with a cold sore (HSV2)
Blisters on genitals/rectum
Pain when urinating

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Impact of Individual
Physical ­ Should abstain from sex during outbreaks
Intellectual ­ More educated about sexual health, may learn about way to selfmanage their
Emotional ­ Embarrassment, ashamed, upset, worried and anxious
Social ­ May find it difficult to start new relationships, difficult to talk to friends.


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