1.3 Harm and Abuse


1.3 Harm and Abuse

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What is ABUSE?

Anyone can be vulnerable to harm and abuse in Health and Social care settings. Individuas who require care and support are more vulnerable to harm and abuse from a paid worker, manager family member or other people in the care settings.

Intentional abuse - deliberate abuse

Unintentional abuse - through poor care, not intended

Example of intentional abuse:

  • a senior care assistance who supports individuals who require care and support with their shopping, who then buys items for themselves with the individual's money (financial abuse).

Example of unintentional abuse:

  • a senior worker who supports an older person to move position in a bed in a careless manner, this is an example of unintentional physical abuse.
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Examples of ABUSE

  • Slapping/hitting service user (I)
  • Carelessly moving a service user (U)
  • Swearing at service user (I)
  • No interaction or greetings (U)
  • Mocking service user (I)
  • Feeding too fast (U)
  • Intentionally ignoring cries for help (I)
  • Male carer bathing female service user (U)
  • Not taking resident to the toilet (I)
  • Talking across a service user (U)
  • Physical restraint (I)
  • No regard for injury (U)
  • Threatening service user (I)
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Effects of Short Term Abuse

  • bruises, cuts broken bones
  • contracting STI's
  • low self esteem
  • poor self image
  • displaying challenging or needy behaviour
  • feeling angry, anxious or tearful
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Effects of Long Term Abuse

  • low self esteem
  • feeling angry, anxious or tearful
  • developing mental health issues, such as depression, self harm or suicidal behaviour
  • inability to sleep
  • developing physical health conditions such as hypertension, anorexia and obesity
  • difficulty in trusting others, forming relationships and friendships
  • addictions such as alcohol and drugs
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