Greenwich Millennium Village

Case Study about sustainable change in an urban environment, needed for 2011 OCR Geography exam.

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Urban change to illustrate social, economic and environmental planning and its
Greenwich Millennium Village, London, UK
In the South East London Borough of Greenwich, South of the River
Thames, near the O2 arena.
It was built on a Brownfield site; it used to be a
gas works
2,500 homes have been planned to be built
There is a primary school and health centre
There are 20 hectares of parkland with two
ecology parks and a lake
A new underground line along with a regular bus
route, provides better transport which means
residents don't have to use cars and therefore are more eco-friendly
A Sainsburys supermarket was built which uses 50% less energy than
other supermarkets
150 new shops and restaurants which has created 24,000 new jobs
which means money stays in the local economy more
The homes have been built from Cedar Wood from sustainable forests
and aluminium because it is long lasting and can be recycled
The combined heating and power system uses the hot water produced
from a small nearby power station, it is then fed to the houses in the
village which means:
o Houses use 80% less energy
o And 30% less water


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