Non-Communicable Disease Case Studies

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  • 110,000 deaths a year
  • 240 men and 210 women die each day
  • Largest single cause of death in UK
  • Government was set to reduce death rate from CHD and stroke in people under 75 by atleast 40% by 2010. 
  • Risk assesment, if doctor feels you're at risk
  • Smoking decreased by 35%
  • Average UK's blood pressure reduced by 7.7% - 5870 fewer deaths
  • Popultaion total cholesterol concentrations fell by 4.2% - 5770 fewer deaths
  • CHD costs NHS in UK £15 billion annually


  • UK encourages people to stop smoking
  • Healthy diet to maintain cholesterol at good levels
  • Exercise and medication
  • Maintain low blood pressur level
  • Active lifestyle
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CHD in India

Cause and Effect

  • 18.8% of all deaths
  • Reversal in disease patterns from communicable to non communicable. 
  • Malaria, which had been the leading cause, now accounts for only 2.8% of deaths
  • Westernisation
  • 70% of urban indian population at risk of being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease
  • WHO - global CHD deaths among women at 8.6 million, with 34% of that from women in India

Westernisation of Indian Culture

  • Smoking 
  • 92 million/285 million smokers don't know it is bad for them - lack of education
  • Second hand smoke kills 600,000 people every year - 100,000 of which are children. 
  • 87% of second hand smoke deaths are due to CHD.
  • Binge drinking
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CHD in India


  • No adequate programmes to deal with it

Methods of decreasing number of CHD deaths:

  • smoke free legislation
  • tobacco taxation
  • education on causes of heart disease
  • mass media campaigns
  • promotion of better diets
  • educate doctors and nurses on what symptoms to look for to allow for early diagnosis


  • Survey salt consumption
  • ^ projected to have the same impact as smoking cessation initiatives
  • 3-in-1 pill - control blood pressure among poorly resourced communities 
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Management of CHD in other countries


  • Kenyan-Heart has developed a manual to be used as a tool kit guide for teachers in primary schools
  • This will help educators teach children about healthy diet and physical activity in a fun and exciting way
  • The tools in this manual can be adapted easily to suit your needs using whatever material is locally available to the facilitators and the students
  • 5 lessons to be carried out for 5 weeks
  • After 5 weeks a good foundation will have been set, allowing for children and teachers to build on


  • The China International Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Established out of need for more appropriate and effective health policy and research to prevent and manage the chronic diseases affecting hundreds of millions of Chinese
  • Support research into new or improved approaches to prevent chronic disease in developing countries
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