Glossary of Key Words for Edexcel Germany 1918-1939

This is a glossary of Key Words for the Unit 2a of the Edexcel GCSE History course. It includes terms from the textbook, by Steve Waugh and John Wright, and terms from my own lessons. 

These can be split up into matching pairs, note cards or just used for reading.

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Glossary of Words for Edexcel Weimar Nazi Germany GCSE History
25 Point Programme- The manifesto written by Hitler and Drexler in 1920

Anti-Semitism ­ Hatred and persecution of Jews

Armistice ­ the ending of hostilities in a war

Aryan ­ Nazi term for a non-Jewish German, someone of supposedly "pure"…

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Fourteen Points ­ The principles laid down by President Wilson as the war aims of the USA

Freikorps ­ Private armies set up by senior German army officers at the end of WW1. They are mainly
comprised ex-Soldiers.

Fuherprinzip ­ The leadership principle; the idea that the Nazi Party and…

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Nazi Teachers' League ­ Organisation set up to control teachers and what they taught.

Nazi-Nationalist government ­ Coalition of NSDAP and DNVP after January 1933

November Criminals ­ Name given to the German politicians who accepted the armistice which ended

Passive resistance ­ Opposition to a government, invading power…

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SA (Sturmabteilung) The storm troopers of the Nazi Party

SD (Sicherheitsdienst) Security Service

Second Reich ­ The name given to the German Empire, ruled by the Hohenzollern dynasty from 1871
to 1918

Slav ­ Member of any of the peoples of Eastern Europe

Socialists ­ Those who believe in state…


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