Timeline of key dates for Edexcel History A Unit 2A: Germany 1918-1939

the timeline covers nearly all the dates in the textbook and is colour coded for the key topics.

I also have revision tips on how to answer the questions (especially 16 mark) if anyone wants help :)

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20th April 1889 ­ Hitler born.

9th November 1918 ­ Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates because of the social hardship in Germany and the humiliating Treaty of Versailles.

11th November 1918 ­ 11th November Armistice signed - The armistice was signed because the Germany had no choice, they had no supplies for…

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that could make laws! Under Stresemann's guidance, the government called off the strike, persuaded the French to leave the Ruhr and even got the rest of the world to allow
Germany to join the League of Nations in 1926.

November 1923 ­ Rentenmark issued. German Reichsbank was reformed and the…

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1933 ­ Law for the encouragement of marriage introduced. The Law for the Encouragement of Marriage gave newly wed couples a loan of 1,000 marks, and allowed them to
keep 250 marks for each child they had. Mothers who had more than eight children were given a gold medal. Unmarried…

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30 June 1934 ­ The night of the long knives - some SA leaders are demanding that the Nazi party carry out its socialist agenda, and that the SA take over the army. Hitler cannot
afford to annoy the businessmen or the army, so the SS murders perhaps 400 of…

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