Germany 1918-1939

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1918 & 1919(part 1)

11th November 1918 - Germany signed the Armstice, Britain, France and the United States then drew up the peace treaty. It was a diktat(German word for dictate) as Germany was not invited to negotiate the terms.

December/January 1918/19 - a lot of left wing uprisings, the spartacist league(communists) - who wanted Germany to be run by working classes. 

6th January 1919 - 100,000 communists were inspired by the Spartacists, marched on Berlin and took over the key buildings such as the 'Newspaper & communications buildings'. 

The government hired Freikorps(ex-army soldiers who hated communists) to put down the rising.

German worker's party (the DAP) was founded by Anton Drexler

Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, the most influential communist leaders, were arrested and executed.

28th June 1919 -  Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles - Germany was unhappy as it was linked to the defeat and humiliation of Germany

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