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Glossary of Biology terms

abscission layer
a layer of easily-ruptured tissue in a leaf
stalk which causes leaves to drop in the

Adaptive radiation
divergent evolution caused by the adapting
of populations to new conditions, not
experienced by previous generations; see
also divergent evolution

anti-diuretic hormone, released by…

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flowering plants

proteins synthesised in response to foreign

antidiuretic hormone (ADH)
the hormone released by the pituitary gland
to cause increased water retention by
kidney nephrons

any substances that cause the immune
system to produce antibodies. They may be
foreign or made within the body

antimicrobial proteins…

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relating to reponses of the whole organism
to its environment

producing new cels by mitosis as "buds"
forming on the "parent" cell, eg. in Yeast

plants which prefer calcium-rich soil

plants which avoid calcium-rich soil

a group dividing cells which may develop
into a new plant…

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groups of genetically identical individuals
produced from one parent by mitosis,
perhaps using micropropagation

a triplet of exposed bases on a length of

forces which cause molecules to stick to
one another

compensation point
any point at which photosynthetic rate and
rate of respiration exactly balance…

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Deletion mutation
loss of a section of DNA or a number of

different phenotypes
varying expression of genes

movement of chemicals other than water
from high to low concentration through a
semi permeable membrane

Divergent evolution
separation of populations as they adapt to
varying conditions as demonstrated…

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the position of an organism in the food web

animals whose body temperature is largely
dependent on external ambient temperature

cells, muscles or glands which perform
responses to stimuli

effector cells
any muscle cell or gland cell that performs a
response to a stimulus

the early stages…

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molecules which combine with glycerol to
make fats

filter feeding
the use of a syphon effect to suck plankton
or bacteria into specialised feeders such as
some molluscs

ability to survive

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
a condition causing mental and physical
retardation of children of mothers who are

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distance or mountainous regions which
prevent populations meeting

gibberellic acid (GA)
a plant growth substance which promotes
cell elongation and causes production of
amylase in germinating seeds

knots of tiny blood capillaries found in the
Bowman's capsules of nephrons

a six carbon sugar which is the product of…

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the loop of Henle is a part of the nephron
which folds back on itself allowing a
countercurrent exchange system between
the two portions which lie parallel to one

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
a virus which disrupts the immune system
by invading white blood cells

hybrid plants

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genetic mutations leading to the failure of
stages in metabolic pathways

indicator species
a species indicative of certain
environmental conditions such as lack of
sulphur dioxide, or presence of sewage

indole acetic acid (IAA)
a plant growth substance which promotes
fruit formation, cell production and cell
elongation. The effects at…


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