Globalisation, green crime, state crime and human rights

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RC = ruling class

WWC = white collar crime

CJS = criminal justice system

EMs = ethnic minorities

TNC's = transnational corporation

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Globalisation, green crime, state crime
and human rights
Define, Decode, Signpost
Criminal behaviour is an act which breaks a formal law, such as murder, whereas deviant behaviour is
that which breaks a norm. Definitions of crime and deviance are socially constructed their definitions
are culturally determined. Contemporary criminology has…

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o They claim organised crime is now structured in terms of hub of senior high status criminals.
o Around this hub exists a loose knit network of both legitimate and illegitimate activities.
o This is very different to the traditional large scale hierarchal organised crime e.g. mafia
o These new…

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o Favoured my green criminologists.

Primary and secondary green crime
Primary: These are crimes that result directly from the destruction of the earth's environment.

o Air pollution: burning fossil fuels and transport emissions. The potential criminals are
governments and companies
o Deforestation: Between 1960-1990 1/5 of the worlds rain forest…


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