AQA A2 Sociology Unit 4 - Crime and Deviance - Globalisation

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Held et al - Worldwide Interconnectiveness from culture to crime 

Reasons for Globalisation

  • Influence of Mass MediaCheap Air Travel, Open Markets in Developing Markets

Types of Global CrimesTrafficking, Drug trade, Smuggling

Supply and DemandDemand from the west = Supply from the impoverished and poor

Taylor et al - Capitalism, Globalisation and Crime

  • Opportunity for crime increased, low wage companies moved to make the most profit

Patterns of EmploymentExpolitation of the labour force = child labour

Criminal Organisations 

  • Hobbs and Duningham - Economic changes through globalisation 
  • Subcultures create global links to crime (GLOCAL) 
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Green Crime

Green Crime

  • Crimes against the enviroment 
  • Beck - Global Risk Society - Man made damages that cause harm to the enviroment
  • White - Harms to the enviroment - any harm to animals or the enviroment = criminal

Two views to harm 

  • Anthropecentric - human right to dominate planet
  • Ecocentric - humans need the enviroment to survive

South - Types of green crime

  • Primary - Direct result of distruction
  • Secondary - Government breaking regulations


  • Importance of enviromental Issues (On an International scale)
  • Need to address the risks of enviromental damage by humans 
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State Crime

Illegal or devant acts - Genocide, War Crimes, Torture, Assassination 

McLaughlinPolictical Crimes or Crimes by Security

Large scale crimes = governemnt

State crimes and Human Rights

  • Natural Rights - Simply by virtue have the right to life and free speech
  • Civil Rights - Right to vote and to privacy


  • Culture of denial to conceal human rights (Matza's Techniques of Neutralisation in denial)


  • Transnational crimes through globalisation 
  • State Crimes are committed by governments 
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Mass Media

Social Construction of Reality

  • Williams and Dickinson - 30% of newpapers = crime related
  • leads to Overpresentation of crimes, Exaggeration of success and Risk of victimisation

News Values

  • Gate keepers - give access to the public on specific infomation 
  • Give a distorted picture of crime (taboldization of journalism)
  • Cohen & Young - Social processes - Immediacy, Dramatisation & High status

Fictional representation of crime 25% of Tv is devoted to crime - Violence = overepresented

  • Stuart Hall - supportive of capitalism - rank news due to authority of person
  • Moral Panic - Demonize member of the public (Stan Cohen Folk Devils)


  • Link to globalisation - types of crime, supply and demand, opportunity for crime, GLOCAL 
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