German Reformation Hy2 Exam technique

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AS History (Source based question paper exam
AS level History Exam Technique
A standard AS History Exam paper will contain a cover page (containing the information
about the exam in general). This is then followed by 2 questions, you will only need
to do ONE of the two questions!
Tips before you attempt the questions:
· It is always best to spend 2-3 minutes reading the paper carefully and select which
question you can score highest on.
· Scribble down information to help you on the question paper (your the one doing
the exam so scribble away).
· Keep calm throughout. I know that 1:30 hours seems very little when you have to
complete a 32 point question so just take time to think your answer through before
writing anything down on your answer booklet.
· TIMING IS KEY, you must time your questions to prevent a mad rush towards the
end of the time limit. Spending 20 minutes on a 4 mark question is just crazy! so
before the exam it is always a good idea to do past paper exams to help prepare
you for the real thing. Allocate appropriate timings for each question (as they say a
mark a minute is the way forward). ENSURE that you can see a clock at all times
(or bring a watch/stopwatch from home).
The First question on any Source based exam paper (I am doing WJEC European History)
will be a simple 4 mark question that will usually be a definition type question.
A) Study Source A. Use Source A
and your own knowledge to explain the meaning of the word `indulgences

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Technique for answering this question:
· First define the word.
· Next use a brief explanation (use the source) to tie it into your syllabus.
· REMEMBER this question is only worth 4 marks so you only need to state 4 points.
· You should only spend 5 minutes on this question (use a watch or clock to time).
First one down, hopefully you have gained the 4 easy points.…read more

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Next evaluate the origin of the source (where it comes from/who wrote it).
· Then evaluate the purpose of the source (why was it formed).
· Finally evaluate the reliability of the source (can you trust it? remember all sources
are reliable but in different ways. Include Bias!).
· Repeat this process with Source B.
· Form a judgementthen answer the question (be direct don't sit on the fence this will
get you less marks).…read more

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Your timing for this question should be around 20-25 minutes max!
Finaly we come to our most challenging question on the paper, question E. This
question is worth generally around 32 marks. This question is designed to test
your skills as a historian (anylitical, knowledge and judgement). The timing of this
question is strict and requires you to be totally focused for you to achieve the high
grades.…read more


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