Geography Revision- Hot deserts

Need help with hot deserts? This resource is a concise mindmap for facts about hot deserts that you need to know.

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  • Hot deserts
    • Desertification
      • The process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought deforestation or inappropriate agriculture
      • Human causes:
        • Inappropriate agriculture
        • Overgrazing
        • Population growth
        • Desertification
        • Overuse of groundwater
      • Natural Causes
        • Climate Change
      • Effects of desertification
        • Reduces ability to support life.
        • Affects wild species.
        • Affects domestic animals and people.
        • Reduces number of crops that can be grown.
    • Characteristics of hot deserts.
      • Found near the tropics of cancer and tropics of capricorn
      • Have an extreme climate and challenging environment.
      • Little biodiversity.
      • Few species can survive there.
      • Soils:
        • Dry, thin sandy soils that are grey in colour.
        • Soak up water quickly.
        • Water is drawn up from the surface by evaporation.
      • Climate:
        • Hot climate where temperatures can exceed 40 degrees
        • Dry climate receiving less than 500mm of precipitation per year.
        • Two seasons: Summer and Winter.
    • Plant adaptions
      • Small leaves
      • Tap roots
      • spines
      • waxy Skin
      • water storage


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