A2 Geography- Global Warming Revision Cards

Global Warming and Climate change revision cards

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When Did Global Warming Start?

  • Industrial revolution. (1800's)
  • Hockey Stick model starting point.
  • More Carbon Dioxide was being put into the atmosphere.


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UK evidence for Global Warmming

  • There has been an increase in mosquito's in UK due to warmer climate.
  • More freak weather in the UK e.g. in 2012 drought early on in year and flooding over the summer.
  • Change in land use e.g. drought ---> less farming.
  •  Increasing cost of diseases such as skin cancer on the NHS. 


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Global Evidence for Global Warming

  • Food production; in USA will increase by $2 billion, Africa's will decrease by $1.3 billion.
  • 3 billion people will face water shortages by 2080.
  • There has been an rise in global temperatures.
  • Rise in freak weather pattens.
  • Rise in global sea levels.


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Sceptical Views of Global Warming

  • Meyer says there is no correlation between CO2 released and temperature rise.
  • Or temperature increase causes CO2 to increase.


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Sceptical Views of Global Warming 2

  • Evidence from 600,000 years of tree ringing and ice core data show CO2 rises after temperature.
  •  100 year delay between. It could be down to Milankontehs tilt, wobble and stretch of the Earth.
  • The urban heat island effect makes data from weather stations located in towns and cities irrelevant. 


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Global Warming is Happening- Al Gore

  • Al Gore uses the hockey stick curve to show that CO2 is causing global warming. 


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It has Been Warmer in the Recent Past


  • Earth was warmer in the past- Medieval warm, grew grapes in UK.
  • Arctic was warmer in the 1930's.
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