Geography Edexcel: Revision B1 Topic 1 Restless Earth!

This has all the stuff to do with the first topic of B1 Geography

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PurpleJaguar…read more

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Outer core
Inner core
Layers of the
Earth…read more

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There are two layers:
Oceanic: This is thin and dense.
Continental: This is thicker and less dense.…read more

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Plate margins…read more

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a r g in: Constructive p
at e m one late margin:
p l e n
r u c t ive u p wh Plate move aw
ay from each
Dest n builds . The p la te letting the ma other
i o c k c gma rise up th
Tens gets stu oceani eanic the gap. rough
la t e l a n d e o c
p e nt a n dt h
t i n r a
con togethe ted.
push is sub du
Conservative plate margin:
Plates slide past each other creating
They can also go into each other
forming a fold mountain.…read more

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Destructive Plate Margin
Volcanoes are often created, they are very
explosive and as the plates snap the energy is
given out through an earthquake.
Nasca oceanic plate is now sub ducted under
the South American continental plate.…read more

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