Definition of a natural hazard?
Disasters perceived to be natural that cause severe disruption and threat to property, the environment and life.
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Name 3 geophysical hazards.
Tsunami. Earthquake. Avalanche.
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Name 3 atmospheric hazards.
Hurricane. Tornado. Lightening.
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Name 3 hydrological hazards.
Coastal flooding. Monsoons. Icebergs.
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What are the characteristics of natural hazards?
They have distinctive effects such as buildings collapse and exposure to the risk is involuntary. Most damage and loss of life happens immediately however effects are felt for a long time.
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How do you define disaster?
It is the realisation of the event that causes widespread disruption. It has to meet 1 of the disaster criteria.
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What are the criteria the UN uses to define a disaster?
More than 10 killed. More than 100 displaced. Government declaration of state of emergency. Government request international assistance.
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What is risk?
The probability of a hazard occurring and creating loss.
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What is vulnerability?
Its the risk and the ability to cope with potential loss. It can depend on the location, the wealth of the area and the warning time for the event.
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Why do people live in areas of natural hazards?
Fertile land, the probability of them, risk management, income, climate of the area, tradition and tourist attractions.
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PERCEPTION: What is fatalism?
Acceptance of the hazards Action is direct and concerned with safety and often loss is viewed as inevitable.
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PERCEPTION: What is adaptation?
People see that they can prepare and therefore survive the event by prediction, prevention and protection.
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PERCEPTION: What is fear?
The perception of the hazard is such that people feel so vulnerable they can no longer face living there and so move away.
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What are factors that affect perception?
Past experiences. If someone has family. Level of education. Employment status.
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Name 3 geophysical hazards.


Tsunami. Earthquake. Avalanche.

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Name 3 atmospheric hazards.


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Name 3 hydrological hazards.


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What are the characteristics of natural hazards?


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