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Variations in the mass balance of a glacier can
lead to advance or retreat.…read more

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The front of the Athabasca Glacier, British
Columbia, Canada.…read more

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The Mer de Glace displays evidence
of a negative mass balance.…read more

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Examples of the impact of surging glaciers.…read more

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This image shows the termini of the glaciers in the Bhutan-Himalaya. Glacial lakes
have been rapidly forming on the surface of the debris-covered glaciers in this region
during the last few decades.
According to the USGS scientist, glaciers in the Himalaya are wasting at alarming and
accelerating rates, as indicated by comparisons of satellite and historic data, and as
shown by the widespread, rapid growth of lakes on the glacier surfaces.
Flow, Advance & Retreat.…read more


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