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Epitaph to Claudia
Stranger, what I say is little, stand near and read it through,
This is the not at all beautiful tomb, of a beautiful woman:
Her parents gave her the name `Claudia'.
She loved her husband with her heart:
She gave birth to two sons: One of these
She leaves on the earth, the other one she placed under the earth.
With charming conversation and then indeed with a fine way of walking,
She looked after the house. She made wool. I have spoken. Go on your way.
hospes, quod deico paullum est asta ac pellege.
heic est sepulcrum hau pulcrum pulcrai feminae:
nomen parentes nominarunt Claudiam.
suom mareitum corde deilexit souo:
gnatos duos creavit: horum alterum 5
in terra linquit, alium sub terra locat.
sermone lepido, tum autem incessu commodo,
domum servavit. lanam fecit. dixi. abei.


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