Verbs in all tenses: Passive and Active

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Active: Present


1 2

amaere- to love  monere- to warn

am-o    mone-o

ama-s   mone-s

ama-t   mone-t

ama-mus  mone-mus

ama-tis  mone-tis

ama-nt  mone-nt

Translated as: i am loving/ i love 

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Active: Imperfect


1 2

ama-bam  mone-bam

ama-bas  mone-bas

ama-bat  mone-bat

ama-bamus  mone-bamus

ama-batis  mone-batis

ama-bant  mone-bant

Translated as: i was loving

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Active: Future


1 2

ama-bo  mone-bo

ama-bis  mone-bis

ama-bit  mone-bit

ama-bimus  mone-bimus

ama-bitis  mone-bitis

ama-bunt  mone-bunt

Translated as: i will love

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Active: Perfect

Perfect: a,u,any,iv

1 2

am-av-i mon-u-i

am-av-isti mon-u-isti

am-av-it mon-u-it

am-av-imus mon-u-imus

am-av-istis mon-u-istis

am-av-erunt mon-u-erunt

Translated as: i have loved

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Active: Plu Perfect

Plu Perfect: av,u,any,iv

1 2

am-av-eram mon-u-eram

am-av-eras mon-u-eras

am-av-erat mon-u-erat

am-av-eramus mon-u-eramus

am-av-eratis mon-u-eratis

am-av-erant mon-u-erant

Translated as: i had loved

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Active: Future Perfect

Future Perfect: av,u,any,iv

1 2

am-av-ero mon-u-ero

am-av-eris mon-u-eris

am-av-erit mon-u-erit

am-av-erimus mon-u-erimus

am-av-eritis mon-u-eritis

am-av-erunt mon-u-erunt

Translated as: i will have loved 

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future perfect indicative active 3rd person plural is ERINT not erunt

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