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How Christians make moral decisions

The Bible- Believed to be the work of God

Situation and Ethics- The most loving thing to do


No rigid rules

Easy to solution to Problems


Who decides the most lovin action?

 Having more than 1 loving action

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The Golden Rule and Decalogue

The Golden Rule:

Treat others how you wish to be treated

Decalogue (10 Commandments):

You must not kill

You must not steal

You must not commit adultery 

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Human Rights

The rights and freedom to which eveyone is entitled

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Democratic processes

Electoral Processes- The way in which the voting is organised

Social change- The way in which society has changed and is changing 

Political party- A group which tries to be elected into power according to its policies

Pressure group- A group formed to influence goverment policy on an issue

Democratic processes- The way in which all citizens can take part in government

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Genetic Engineering

It is the process in which structure and characteristics of genes are changed

Scientists uses genetic engineering to try find cures for diseases.

Discoveries in cloning have made it possible to use stem cells to grow healthy genes to replace faulty ones

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For and Against the use of genetic engineering


It can cure diseases

It is an essential part of medical research


We do not know what the long term consequences are

If anything went wrong it cant be reversed

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Some christians support genetic engineering

Some christians support it as long as it is done to cure diseases and not to create the perfect human being.

They believe this because:

Jesus showed that christians should do all they can to cure diseases

Theres a difference from creating cells and creating people

Finding genetic cures is no diffence from finding drug cures

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Roman Catholics attitudes to genetic research

Some agree as long as it does not involve the use of embroys beacuse:

Life beings at the moment of conception whether in a womb or a laboratory and killing life is wrong

Embroys have been produced in methods with which the Catholic Church disagrees with

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Christians that are against genetic research

It is trying to 'play God' which is a great sin

It is wrong to make the Earth perfect because only heavon is perfect

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Environmental Issues


Car emissions 

Air travel

Burning fossil fuels 


Melting ice caps

Hotter places have droughts 

Wetter places have floods


Action by individuals (turning off appliances, walkin more)

Action by science/technology (Develpoing low- carbon cars)

Actoion by goverment (Laws and agreements to reduce emissions from cars and factories)

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Religion and the Environment

Creation: "the act of creating the universe"

Stewardship: Looking after something so that it can be passed on to the next generation, better than they have been given it.

Christans belive they need to be gods stewardships to try leave the Earth a better place than they found it.


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Medical Issues

Infertility- The inability to have children naturaly 


Embryo- A fertalised egg in the first 8 weeks of conception

Artificial Insemination- Injecting semen into the womb by artificial means.

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Christian attitudes to infertility treatments

Roman Catholics ban all forms of infertility treatments because they involve fertilization taking place 

Any processes using IVF involves some embryos being thrown away when not used 

Other christans accept IVF and AIF because 

The egg and sperm are from the husband and wife

Technology should be used to five couples the joy of children.

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Transplant surgery

Transplant surgery is using organs from one person to replace defective organs.

Non-religious in favour of transplants:

It is an effective method of curing life

It uses organs that would otherwise disappear

It beings life out of death

Non-religious arguments against transplats

It is expensive

It raises moral problems 

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Christian attitudes to transplant surgery


Leaving organs is others in a way of loving your neighbour

Those who believe in the immortality of the soul believes that the body is not needed after death


They believe it ignores the sancitity of life

They believe is is playing God 

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Islam and transplant surgery

Do not agree:

It is playing god 

The Shar'ah teaches that nothing should be removed from the body after death

The Qur'an teaches that only god has the right to give and take life


Some muslim lawyers have allowed it

Lsman aims to do good and help people

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Peace and Conflict

Bullying: Intimidating or frightening people weaker than yourself 

Forgivness: Stopping blaming someone and/or forgiving them for what they have done wrong

Reconciliation: Bringing together people who were opposed to each other

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Why christans believe in forgiveness?

Jesus advises Peter to forgive people 77 times meaning we should forgive all the time

St Paul said that christains should try to live in peace with everyone

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Muslim and forgiveness

They believe that on the day of judgement God will not forgive those who were unforgiving of otheres in their life

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Islam and war

Muslims believe a war should only be fought if:

It is the last report

There is a juse cause such as innocent people surrering

There is no unnecessary surrering caused or civilians harmed

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Christians and war

Criteria for a just war:

It must be fought for a just cause

It must be fought as a last resort

Its aim must be to improve a situation and restore piece 

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Religious conflicts in Families

Arranged marriage

Same sex relationships 




Attitudes to sexual relationships

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