GCSE RE: Revision notes: Matters of Life and Death UNIT 3 TOPIC 2

Here is a revision gudie I made for the R.E course covering UNIT 3, topic 2 : Matters of Life and Death

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Unit 3 ­ Matters of Life and death
Why do Christians believe in an after life?
· "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live even though he
dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die" ­ John 11:25-26
· "People who believe in Jesus and resurrection must also believe they can look forward to
an afterlife" ­ 1 Corinthians 15
Hell Purgatory Heaven
-A place where Satan rules - R.C ONLY - A place of paradise
· For those who reject · There is only one way · The Happiness of being
God or do not want God out ­ Heaven with God
· Eternal punishment for · A place of purification · Achieved by living
the unrepentant sinner and preparation for according to the law of
who will be deprived of those who long to be Christ
god with God but feel
· We pray for people in · Those who are in
purgatory ( All souls heaven our saints
day ­ 2nd Nov)
What is heaven actually like?
"What no one ever saw or heard, what no one ever thought could happen is the very thing
God prepared for those who love him" ­ 1 Cor 2:9
This tells us that whatever we dream or think or believe Heaven is like, God has made it even
better than we think
What does Jesus say heaven is like?
· Heaven is an actual place where god is and his presence is know ­ Mathew and
· Full of treasure and rewards/Place of fairness and justice
· Heaven is prepared for us before the creation of the world
What is the Catholic Church's teaching?
· A soul who has not sinned since their last confession will go straight to Heaven

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The soul lives on after the death of the body ­ immortality of the soul
How does this affect the lives of Catholics?
As we will be judged by Jesus, we need to follow Jesus +bible. They can be forgiven their sins
and work towards a better future. It offers comfort to those who grieve.
Life of Christian = Jesus
Paranormal - Non R.C belief Unexplained things that are thoughts to
have spiritual causes e.g. ghosts
Reincarnation - Non R.…read more

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Abortion ­ the removal of a foetus from the womb before it
can survive
Why do some people want to have an abortion?
· Baby conceived by a result of rape
· Not ready for motherhood
· Baby will have medical difficulties
Abortion ­ the current UK law
· All abortions illegal in UK until 1967.
· Many illegal or `backstreet' abortions before this.
· The 1990 Act states abortion cannot take place after 24 weeks of pregnancy.…read more

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What does the church say?
· "From the time that the egg is fertilised, a life has begun." (Catholic declaration on
abortion - 1974)
· "Human life is sacred ­ all men must recognise that fact" (Pope Paul VI)
· "Never, under any pretext may abortion be resorted to" (Vatican Council II)
What is the basis for this view?
· "Do not kill." Life is sacred (10 Commandments, Exodus)
· The body is the "Temple of the Holy Spirit.…read more

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Love your neighbour as you love Jesus suffered on the cross so we should
yourself.…read more


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