GCSE RE: Revision notes: Matters of Life and Death UNIT 3 TOPIC 2

Here is a revision gudie I made for the R.E course covering UNIT 3, topic 2 : Matters of Life and Death

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Unit 3 ­ Matters of Life and death
Why do Christians believe in an after life?
· "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live even though he
dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die" ­ John 11:25-26

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· The soul lives on after the death of the body ­ immortality of the soul

How does this affect the lives of Catholics?
As we will be judged by Jesus, we need to follow Jesus +bible. They can be forgiven their sins
and work towards a better future. It…

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Abortion ­ the removal of a foetus from the womb before it
can survive
Why do some people want to have an abortion?

· Baby conceived by a result of rape
· Not ready for motherhood
· Baby will have medical difficulties

Abortion ­ the current UK law

· All…

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What does the church say?
· "From the time that the egg is fertilised, a life has begun." (Catholic declaration on
abortion - 1974)

· "Human life is sacred ­ all men must recognise that fact" (Pope Paul VI)

· "Never, under any pretext may abortion be resorted to" (Vatican…

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Love your neighbour as you love Jesus suffered on the cross so we should
yourself. It is the loving thing to do to take up our own cross
end someone's life if there are suffering
If god is all loving, surely he would not "Yet not what I want but…


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