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P3 Topic 5: Kinetic theory and gases
Kinetic theory and absolute zero

There are three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. The particles may be the same regardless of state, but
the arrangement of atoms is very different.
Solids: strong forces of attraction hold the particles close together in…

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o V1 and T1 are the starting conditions and V2 and T2 are the final conditions.

Pressure x Volume = Constant

When the temperature if constant, reducing the volume of a gas means the particles get more squashed up
and hit the walls of the container more often, and the…




do you have any chemistry edexcel notes for  units 1,2 &3 ?????



These are so so so useful! to echo the person above, do you have any for chemistry?



Thank You these resources are amazing. But do you have Chemistry Unit 3 Edexcel

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