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Topic 1 Visible light and the Solar System
The ancient Greeks made detailed measurements of the movements of objects in the sky. Ptolemy used
these measurements to explain how the Sun, the Moon and the planets moved in orbits and his idea put the
Earth in the centre of everything…

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When light shines on a glass window pane, some of the light is reflected but a lot of it passes through the
glass and gets refracted as it does so. This is what happens:
o As light passes from air to glass, it slows down. This causes the light ray…

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Some images can be shown on a screen, which is what Galileo most likely did so he could draw the image. This
is image is a real image as it's an image in which the rays of light actually meet at the point where the image is
Virtual images…

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Water particles just move up and down as wave passes- they aren't carried to the shore. Waves in which
particles move at right angles to the direction that the wave is going are called transverse waves.
Waves only transfer energy and information without transferring matter.

Transverse waves

Most waves are…


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