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P1 Topic 6: Energy and the Future
Energy Transfers

There are nine form of energy:
o thermal ­ flows from hot objects to colder ones
o light ­ sun, light bulbs
o electrical ­ whenever a current flows
o kinetic ­ anything that's moving has it
o sound ­ from…

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This energy spreads out to the surroundings and cannot be used for other useful energy transfers.
Therefore, it is wasted.


How a good a device is at converting energy into useful forms is known as efficiency. Low energy light bulbs
transform more of the input electrical energy into light…

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However, many scientists believe that human activities have upset this balance and the Earth is getting
warmed with the increase of greenhouse gases.
There is only a certain amount of heat that additional greenhouse gases can absorb. If all greenhouse gas
emissions are stopped, the increase in temperature will also…




Thanks a lot for notes on all the physics edexcel P1 TOPICS. They are very useful and easy to understand. 

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