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P3 Topic 4: Motion of particles
Circular motion

If an object is travelling in a circle it means it is constantly changing direction and that means they are
constantly accelerating.
This means there must be a resultant force acting on it. This force acts towards the centre of the circle.…

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Collaboration of ideas and money are common in research such as this; it is done internationally. Not every
country can afford their own particle accelerator and sharing ideas is often useful for developing new ones.
Sometimes there are rival groups trying to find the same thing and want to be…

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Some of the kinetic energy was transformed into heat and sound energy.

A bouncing ball as an example

When a ball is dropped, it will bounce. However, it will not bounce to the height you dropped it from. This is
because when it falls its gravitational potential energy is transferred…




What i dont get is why is ther white boxes?

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