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P2 Topic 4: Momentum, energy, work and power
Stopping distances

Thinking distance: distance travelled between seeing hazard and applying the brake.
Braking distance: distance travelled between applying the brake the vehicle having stopped.
Stopping distance: thinking distance + brake distance

Changing stopping distances

A driver's thinking distance would be greater…

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If two vehicles are going at the same speed hit a barrier, the barrier moves more when hit by a monster truck
rather than a small car as it has more momentum.
Momentum: a measure of how strongly something is moving. It is calculated by multiplying mass by velocity.…

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work done = force x distance moved (in the direction of the force)
(joules, J) = (newtons, N) x (metres, m)


Power is the rate of doing work. It is measured in watts (W). 1 watt means 1 joule of work done per second.
work done (joule, j)…


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