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P1 Topic 5: Generation and transmission of electricity
We use electricity for many things, and it all has to be generated using different forms of energy. Electrical
power is the energy transferred per second. The higher the power, the more energy is transferred every
Renewable energy resources are resources…

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o At the moment, there is a good supply of both fossil fuels and nuclear fuel.
o They produce cheaper electricity than electricity from renewable resources.
o As they do not depend on the weather or the tides, the electricity is available all the time.

Fuel Estimated time left

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Wind turbines can be used to generate electricity if the wind speed is not too long or too fast. A lot of wind
turbines are needed to produce the same amount of energy as a fossil fuelled power station can and some
people think they can spoil the landscape.

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If you move a magnet into a coil of wire, a voltage is induced in the wire. If the wire is part of a complete
circuit, the voltage will cause a current to flow in the circuit. Larger voltages produce larger currents.
This process is called electromagnetic induction and the…

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Electricity is sent from power stations to homes, schools and factories by a system of wires and cables called
the National Grid. Electricity passing through a wire will heat it up. The heat produced in the transmission lines
in the National Grid is wasted energy.
If the voltage of the…

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change. If we use less energy, we reduce the amount of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere and also
save money.
Modern appliances are more efficient than older designs of the same appliances. For example, a 10-year-old
fridge will use about 85 kWh more electricity per year than a new…


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