How to Revise English Lit (GCSE)

Tips on English literature revision.

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How to revise for Literature Poetry Exam
8 easy steps:
1.check you have read and made notes on the 8 poems
you have studied in class
2. read the poems aloud listening for sound effects (e.g.
alliteration, onomatopoeia), rhythm and rhyme
3. use highlighter pen to pick out key quotations
4. make a spider diagram on A3 paper for 4 poems you
want to compare
5. then make connections between the poems for S.L.I
S = subject
L = language
I = ideas
5. create a drawing or image for each poem, or storyboard
each stanza
6. practise creating essay plan from past exam questions
for examples)
pick out key words, then use them as basis for your plan
6. practise using comparative connectives e.g. On the one
hand...while on the other...
7. practise using PEE structure
8. practise writing essay under timed conditions (one
hour) make sure you use a quiet time, put a `do not
disturb' sign on your door and get writing. Remember,
this is an open text exam, so use the anthology to help
you. You will be provided with a clean copy in the exam.


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