GCSE English Literature Poetry revision (2)


Anne Hathaway

  • This is a romantic poem about the love shared between Shakespeare and his wife, Anne Hathaway.
  •  The poem starts with a quote from Shakespeare's will "Item I give unto my wife my second best bed". This is is meant to be a romantic gesture as guests always slept in the best bed while Shakespeare and his wife slept in the second best bed. This is also an indication of the poem's nature.
  • Language: 
  • There is an extended metaphor of the idea "Love is a language". Shakespeare had a great enthusiasm for language and used it creatively in his writing; the poem is suggesting he transferred this imagination to their relationship.
  • Anne suggests that as lovers they were as inventive as Shakespeare was in his dramatic poetry - and their bed might contain "forests, castles, torchlights", "cliff tops" and "seas where he would dive for pearls". these…


Abrar-Ul-Haq Patel


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