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analysis of 10 english lit poems

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English Literature Poems
Havisham Carol Ann Duffy
Brief description of poem
This poem is a monologue spoken by Miss Havisham, a character in Charles's Dickens
Great expectations. Having been abandoned at the Alter, she is sour and continues to
wear her white wedding dress while plotting sinister revenges on men
4 stanza of 4 lines wants to be organised, is superficially
Enjambment fragmented mind
Caesura slow down poem
Dramatic Monologue
'Beloved sweetheart bastard' oxymoron, alliteration, plosive
'green pebbles for eyes' metaphor, jealousy, cold
'stink and remember' observation, present tense
'Nooooo' Neologism, new word created to express her pain
'white veil' innocence, purity, concealed
'bbbbreaks' heart beating, onomatopoeia, crying breakdown, cyclical
Shows her deterioration
Mental affect
Poems to compare with:
The affliction of Margaret
The laboratory

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The last Duchess
Anne Hathaway Carol Ann Duffy
Brief description of the poem:
This is a romantic poem about the Love shared between Shakespeare and his Wife,
Anne Hathaway. The poem starts with a quote from Shakespeare's will "Item I gyve unto
my wife my second best bed" This is meant to be a romantic gesture as guests always
slept in the best bed while Shakespeare and his wife slept in the best bed. This is also an
indication of the poem's nature.…read more

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Before You Were Mine Carol Ann Duffy
Brief description of the poem:
The poem is written as if Duffy is speaking to her own mother. , it moves very freely
between the present and different times in the past, which is frequently referred to in the
present tense. It is about how the duty of becoming a mother changed life for women,
particularly so for a Roman Catholic in Edinburgh 1950s where mothers were expected to
stay at home and look after their children.…read more

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Stealing Carol Ann Duffy
Brief description of the poem:
This dramatic monologue provides us with an insightful look into the mind of a
kleptomaniac ­ someone who compulsively steels things for the sake of it. It is based on a
true story of someone steeling a snowman. The phrase "better off dead than giving in"
suggests Duffy empathizes with the speaker's compulsion to steel. The poem as a
mysterious voice, their sex is ambiguous.…read more

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Poems to compare with:
The laboratory
The last duchess
Mother Any Distance Simon Armitage
Brief description of the poem:
This poem is taken from the book of matchsticks where no poem should take longer to
read than a match does to burn. It is a touching poem about the relationship between a
mother and her child and the transition the relationship goes through as it's time to move
out and become independent from out parents.…read more

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Domestic role
Poems to compare with:
Before you were mine,
the affliction of Margaret,
On my first sonne
Homecoming Simon Armitage
Brief description of the poem:
This is one of Simon Armitage's more personal poems and written as if he is talking to a
close friend. The poem is about the trust between parent and child.…read more

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Poems to compare with:
Before you were mine,
The Affliction of Margaret
Hitcher Simon Armitage
Brief description of the Poem:
Hitcher is a dramatic monologue in first person about a mine who leisurely commits
murder. It tells the story of a hitcher being picked up, only little does he know this will be his
last ride. The poem gives us an insight into the mind of a mentally disturbed character.…read more

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Poems to comare with:
My last Duchess,
The laboratory.
On my First Sonne Ben Jonson Pre1914
Brief description of the poem:
This poem was written in the Jacobean period of 1616. At this time it would have been common
for young children to die of illness. This is a personal poem by Ben Johnson and was written in
memory of his first son. It is written in the style of an elegy ­ a funeral song.…read more

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Poems to compare with:
Mother any distance
before you were mine
the affliction of Margaret
My Last Duchess Robert Browning Pre1914
Brief description of the Poem:
This poem is about an egotistical Duke in 19th Century Italy who is not ashamed to admit
that he did away with his last duchess because she took pleasure in the small things in life.
He was writing in the Elizabethan times which were a very suppressed and uncreative
society.…read more

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Talks about her infidelity
Poems to compare with:
The laboratory
The Laboratory Robert Browning pre 1914
anapestic rhyme scheme, ironic, usually for poems with a jaunty subject matter.…read more


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