GCSE Anthology Relationship Poems

GCSE Anthology (relationship poems) include the contemporary poetry and literary heritage from poetry across time.


The Manhunt

The Manhunt - Simon Armitage

  • This poem is written from a womans perspective, as she is exploring the psychological and physical wounds her love has suffered from the war.
  • The word 'only' is repeated throughout, suggesting that the healing process is slow.
  • War imagery is used to relate the poem to the situation the man has been in. For example, 'sweating, unexploded mine.'
  • He is described to be fragile. The poem suggests that only the speakers love can heal and protect him.
  • This poem would be good to compare Nettles with, as it explores pain and suffering a loved one has felt from a first person perspective. It relates to love in difficult times, and how love can overcome anything.
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Hour - Carol Ann Duffy

  • This poem is about time, and how short it seems for those in love.
  • Time is personified to seem like more of an enemy. This is shown from the line 'time hates love.'
  • Enjambment is used (when the sentence continues on to the next line) to reflect the stopping of time when they are together.
  • This poem is positive, as it includes bright, happy imagery, such as 'your hair like treasure on the ground.'
  • The reference to 'Midas light' means that things turn to gold when they are together. Like 'everything you touch turns to gold.'
  • The speaker in the poem appreciates simple things, such as 'summer sky.' this is because the speakers love is much more precious than material objects like flowers and wine.
  • This poem would be good to compare with Sonnet 116, as they are both about love and time.
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In Paris with You

In Paris with You - James Fenton

  • The subject of the poem is not unconditional love, like the previous two, but crude, unromantic sexual desires of the speaker.
  • Despite being in Paris, which is well known for romance, the speaker doesnt want to be involved with anything to do with love. Instead, they'd rather spend the night in an old, dirty hotel room.
  • The poem has irony, that in a romantic place where love is always blossoming, the speaker is in a dirty hotel room, and doesnt want to speak of love.
  • 'Don't talk to me of love.'
  • The poem also suggets that the speaker has been mistreated, perhaps cheated on, or is having an affair, as they say 'i'm angry at the way i've been bamboozled,' 'i admit i'm on the rebound.'
  • This poem could be compared with Sister Maud, as they both express pain felt by the speaker in relation to love.
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Quickdraw - Carol Ann Duffy

  • This poem doesnt focus on the benefits of love; it focuses on tension that can lead to arguments.
  • Modern technology (mobile phones) are related to battle, and gun fights. This poem is like a parody of an arugment and a western.
  • The poem structure contains a lot of enjambment and alliteration. 'squeeze the trigger of my tongue.'
  • Lines 5 and 9 are split on purpose, to reflect the pain she feels.
  • The end of the poem shows how the argument has destroyed the speaker, as they are 'down on my knees.'
  • The repetition at the end suggests that this argument is ongoing, and that nothing will change.
  • War imagery can be related to The Manhunt, but good to compare with In Paris with You in relation to a relationship with no love.
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Ghazal - Mimi Khalvati

  • A ghazal is an ancient form of poetry used to express love or the pains of love. The structure in the poem includes rhyming couplets, the last word of each line rhyme. This poem is also about seduction.
  • There are references to Cupid 'when the arrow flies, the heart is pierced.'
  • 'Shamsuddin to my Rumi.' Shamsuddin was Rumi's great friend. Some stories suggest that Shamsuddin was murdered by Rumi's followers, as they were jealous of their relationship.
  • This reference suggests that love can be platonic, as Shamsuddin and Rumi were just good friends.
  • The use of natural imagery can be compared to Nettles and The Farmer's Bride.
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Paul Dutton


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